Adding Scores on Web

How to add scores on web

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Rowing Ergometer

There are different type of ergo sessions and depending on their structure they will allow you to enter different pieces of data depending on the structure of the session.

With Splits

When a session has splits you can enter the splits scores and rate for each split.

No Splits

When there are no splits for a piece you can only enter the final score.

Rowing and Canoeing

For water sessions entering data is slightly different, you’ll only be able to enter data for sessions which you’ve created. Otherwise only coaches can enter data.


When there are splits for a water piece you just need to enter the time at that point of the piece.

No Splits

When there are no splits all you need to do is enter the start time and end time for your piece.


For bike sessions you can add the Watts for your session and cadence.

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