This guide will help explain how to create a session in the Android App.

To create a session go to the sessions tab in menu. 

In the top right hand corner there are three dots that will open up some options. Select New Session.

Session Type

You can choose the session type of the session you would like to create. You can create the following sessions:

  • Bike

  • Ergo

  • Run

  • Swim

  • S&C

  • Water

  • Other

  • Off

Session Details

The next step is to add the main details to the session. You are able to add the following details:

  • Session Name

  • Start Time & Date

  • End Time & Date

  • Total Distance

  • Total Time

Participants & Session Permissions

The next step after the details is to choose which coaches and athletes you'd like to attend the session. 

Once you select an athlete or coach you are given the option to add permissions to the user.

  • Edit: allows the user to change the session

  • Add All Scores: allows the user to add scores for all athletes on the session

Work Structure*

If you want to collect data such as times from an ergo or a race on the water you will need to create a work structure to collect data. There are 4 types of data structures that you can create.

  • Single Piece: e.g. 2000m or 10mins

  • Multiple Pieces e.g. 10 x 500 or 3 x 10mins

  • Variable Pieces e.g. 1000m / 500m / 250m 

  • S&C Exercises e.g. Bench Pull 4 x 10 / Bench Press 3 x 5

The work structure is flexible and allows you to pick the type of data you would like to record on a session. 

More Details*

The final section of the create session flow is more details. More details allows you to add additional details to the session.

  • Description

  • Location

  • Intensities

  • Focuses

  • Tags

* These sections are not required to create a session.

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