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Adding notes to your training diary
Adding notes to your training diary
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Private Notes in Ludum let you make private notes on any session or event or at any time you want to make a note.

How to make a note

There are 3 ways of adding notes:

  1. On the session or event you will see a blue coloured box. Click on the box and a dialog will open up letting you type in your note.

  2. The plus button at the top of every page, we have added a link here to Add Note. This will redirect you to your Notes page and open up a dialog to add a note.

  3. On your profile when you are viewing your notes, there is a button with Add Note. This will open up the dialog to enter the note.

About Notes

All notes that are written are private. They are not shared with coaches or athletes that may be in your club or on the session where a note may have been written.ย 

You are able to upload videos, pictures and files to each note you make.

Notes can be deleted or edited by pressing the 3 dots to the side of the note.

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