On the Results for Ergo you will see a lot of data depending how it has been added into Ludum. In Ludum you are able to add data from the Concept2 or RowPerfect as well as automatically import data from your Heart Rate monitor and a direct connection between Ludum and PM5 monitors. 

Data that is displayed on an Ergo Session:

  • Pieces Data

  • Heart Rate Data*

  • Training Score*

  • Data imported from PM5 monitors

Pieces Data

This is data that is typed in by the athlete/coach or is imported from Float.


Bar Graph

Pacing Graph

Results Table

Heart Rate Data

This is data imported from Garmin, Polar or Suunto.

Heart Rate Table*

Heart Rate Line Graph*

Heart Rate Zone Breakdown*

Training Score*

Using HR data and RPE data we automatically create training load scores for athletes.

Float Data

When data from Float is imported into an ergo the following graphs are displayed.

Stroke Length Graph*

Watts Graph*

Peak Power Graph*

Pace Graph*

Rate Graph*

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