In the left hand menu on Ludum Web there is a boat icon that will take you to a dedicated page to create crews for multiple sessions.

The Crews page allows you to create crews away from a session. There are three types of crews that you will see.

  • Unassigned - Crews made but not added to sessions

  • Favourites - Crews that are favourites

  • Recents - Crews that have been made recently

You can create new crews by pressing the create crew button. This will take you through a similar flow to create crews on a session.

1. Select Crews

Ticking the checkbox in the top left corner of any crew allows you to add to sessions. 

2. Select Assign Crews

Once you've selected the crews you want to add to the session press Assign Crew

3. Select Sessions

A slider will appear with the selected crews and a list of upcoming Rowing or Canoeing / Kayak sessions. Select the sessions you want the crews to be added too.

4. Assign Crews

Press the Assign Crews button at the bottom of the page. This will add the crews to the session(s). 


Add missing athletes
If the athletes haven't been added to the session and the checkbox "Add Missing Athletes" is checked. The athletes will be added to the session.

Notify Crews
If this checkbox is turned on when you press assign crews the crews will be notified.

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