In order to add more details to the session then simply press the ‘Add more details’ button.

Now you have several options on what sort of detail you wish to add. None of the fields are compulsory.

Your options are:

Repeat Session - Here you can repeat the session (Go to Repeat Session)
Session Location - Add in where the session will take place, you can add Google address if you want
Session Description - Here you can put as detailed a description of the session as you want.
Training Intensity - Select either one training zone as the focus zone for the session. You can also select multiple zones and drag them to change the percentage distribution for each training zone.
Session Focus - select one of the session focus’ if you want to
Tagging - By tagging a session something like ‘test’ it means that later on either in the calendar or in the reports you can filter what you are viewing by tags. (How to use tags)

By adding more information you will enable your athletes to turn up to the session better prepared and will reduce the amount of briefing you have to deliver for each session.

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