It is a challenge to track training of athletes when they are remote. Ludum is perfectly placed to do this. You have several ways of doing this.


By building the training programme in Ludum you are able to give them the structure of the training programme even if you do not see them day to day.
This gives the athletes access to the training programme when they are remote. They can also communicate with you via the app.


The athletes can either manually enter results, or upload the data from their wearable devices.

Indoor Rowing
Athletes have two ways of sending you the Results of their ergometer training
a) Manual entry
b) Import the data automatically by connecting to a PM5 monitor

Bike, Run etc
By simply using their HR monitor and GPS device they can automatically upload the data from their devices such as Garmin or Polar.


In the challenges section of Ludum you can create as many teams as you want and join our public challenges (

Join a Challenge

Select one of the challenges that interest you.

Create your Teams

You can build as many teams as you want from your club. These teams will be public, but will only display the data relevant to the challenge (eg. Number of strokes). But within your club the teams can compete and see more detailed information.

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