Connect other 3rd party devices and accounts to collect all your data in Ludum

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In order to get all your training data into Ludum you will need to connect your devices. Once you are in Ludum it is our recommendation to connect these accounts as your first step. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select Integrations from the menu.

Once you have connected your account you have total control over how you manage your data. There are three choices you have on how your data should be imported.

  1. Import Automatically
    This setting will automatically import the session from your data source and create a session in Ludum for you. We will automatically assign only the coaches who are in your squads, that way they can see your results.
    When the session arrives with us from your provider, we will send you a notification in the app so you know you can look at it.

  2. Assign Manually
    In this mode we will notify you when the session has arrived from your data source. You will then have red box at the top of your feed with your app, simply press the icon and choose from either option
         a) Assign to an existing session
              This gives you the ability to assign the data to a session your coach has                              planned for you
         b) Create a new session
              When you select this we will simply create the session in Ludum as if you had selected Import Automatically. This option will help you avoid importing short session that you would not consider training for instance.

    N.B. You do have the option in the top right hand corner to ignore the session.

  3. Do not Import
    This option will do nothing. But you still have the ability to go into a planned session and import the data from any session into that session.

A view of the Mobile app, when the set to Assign Manually.

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