Either when creating a session or even editing a session you can set up repeats so that you only have to programme the session once and be about to populate your calendar with it as you want.
This also works for Events that you create.

Here are the repeat options:

  1. Daily
    The session can repeated every certain number of days. (Eg. Every third day until the 20th July 2021)

  2. Weekly
    The session can be set on any number of days in a week and can be set to repeat every week or every 2nd or 3rd week. (Eg. Every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 ending on the 25th July 2020)

  3. Monthly
    The option here is to set a repeating event on a given day in a given week of a month (eg. The 2nd Wednesday of every month)

  4. Yearly
    The same and monthly just to be repeated every year (eg. On the 1st Thursday of January)

  5. Custom
    Allows you to set repeat dates and start times freely.


  1. All repeats can have an end date set.

  2. If you edit a repeating session you will have the ability to make that change applicable to only that session or all of the following sessions (preceding sessions are unchanged)

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