There are two main ways of athletes importing their training data into Ludum.

  1. Manually - they can asssing the recent session manually to the session you have created for them in the training plan.

  2. Automatically - the session is automatically generated their own training session with you and all the other coaches in their squads attached.

The later use case solves one problem but creates another.

Solution - you are not relying on the athletes to upload all their sessions manually. This means that all their training data comes into Ludum as long as they upload their data to their device account.

Problem - each athlete has now created their own session. This makes it difficult for you to see what is going on. So we have made it simple for you to merger all the sessions into one session.


Simply go to the list view within your Calendar. There you can use the date filter to and the session type picker to narrow down which sessions you think are relevant. Simply select all the sessions you are interested in, including the one on the training programme. The from the bulk upload dropdown select merge sessions. This will then merge them all together.


  1. You can not merge two sessions from the same person whoch have both been autocreated by their device account.

  2. If you import different session types then you will get some aleternative session results. (Eg. If the planned session was a 16km row and three of the 20 sessions you import are bike sessions, then those results will end up in the alternative results sheet.

  3. If the session is a Rowing or Canoe session where manual data has been entered for the times pieces you are able to merge in all the HR an GPS sessions that were autocreated by the athletes device account.

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