We have created a new feature in-light of the Covid-19 outbreak. We've listened to our users and your needs and are pleased to be able to bring you this update.

Athletes can now record their Body Temperature at home and report it through the app. Through this data collection your club can now ensure athletes with elevated body temperature levels, at risk of having Covid-19, will be able to notify the coach and fellow club members, thus avoiding coming in to contact with others and putting them at risk.

Coaches and athletes can check the Morning Monitoring section to understand recent temperatures recorded by individuals within their club. This information will be particularly useful for coaches as an overview of at-risk candidates.

Temperature colours on the app explained:

(In Celcius)

Green -- 35-36.9 -- Fine to attend a session/meet others.

Amber -- 37-38 -- Elevated above normal, should speak with Coach.

Red -- 38+ -- Definitely should not be attending session/meeting others in-person.

Ensuring your club is Covid-secure during this time is vital and we hope this new feature helps your organisation & team with your safety measures during this global pandemic.

Please ask if you have any questions.

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