New Features

  1. Session attendance Limit - It is now possible to limit the number of athletes that may attend a session at one time. It provides a de facto booking system.

  2. Ludum Live - The new cards to see the athletes data live in session have been improved.

Android (1.24.12)

- Home screen now displays imports if available

- New notifications and notification settings screen

- Intensities chart on profile now has new colours

- Charts on profile can now be viewed in full screen

- Notes screen not showing all notes bug fixed

- Squad members and club members are now searchable

- attendance limit trough whole app

- Cosmetic changes on session record screens

- Create crew opened from session screen now opens up a new crew screen instead of manage crew

- Changes to add scores form for indoor sport types

- Changes to record results screen for indoor spots.

- today session screen now shows only session from today and training program shows fourteen days

- Upgrading local database version now reloads data instead of logging user out

- fixes from firebase crashes

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