New Features

  1. Club Squad restrictions - It is now possible to change the default setting of your club so that coaches can only see the athlete that are in their squads. This applies to session creation, crew assignment, Team Reports as well as Athlete Profile

  2. Data from all clubs is now visible in every club - (N.B. Coaches will be unable to access any data from sessions completed in other clubs, it is purely an overview of the training done.

iOS - (version 1.10.1)

- Fixed the issue with opening multiple injury and illness screens form profile.

- Do not show single extreme values on graphs - results

- Fixed the issue with date time picker on iOS 14

- Rename comments to posts

- Fixed the issue with placeholder when adding note or post

- iOS images on comments will show as jpg not .HEIC

- Redesign more menu

- On today and training program screens show sessions from different clubs

- New loading view

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