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Here is the information you require to take part in the 2021 MyDW Challenge
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MyDW is being supported by Ludum ( and all paddlers will be registered to use this platform to log their distances and times. Ludum integrates with many GPS devices’ software to make uploading your sessions very easy. If you don’t have a GPS device, there is a Ludum App that you can use on your smart phone to record your mileages and this will then upload onto the platform.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get registered onto Ludum and record your sessions.

1. After entering MyDW, your details will be passed to Ludum, who will then send you an invitation email to the Challenge that you entered (singles or doubles). You will need to accept this invitation (check your spam folder!) and create a password for log on.

2. Do not try to enter the Challenge from the Ludum website directly. You must enter the Challenge from the MyDW entry site ( )

3. You will be entered into your Challenge as a Team, irrespective of whether you are in the singles or doubles Challenge. Team, in this context, refers to the individual boat, and not a team of 3 or 4 boats as would be the case for DW. All paddlers will be entered in the ‘squad’ for the singles or doubles Challenge.

4. When you have registered, download the Ludum App onto your smart phone.

5. Either through the webpage or App, set your GPS integration preferences via the settings button. Select your GPS software and link Ludum to it, and then set your

integration preference – automatic or manual. Note that an automatic setting will send every session to Ludum and log it against MyDW – you may not want to do this if you use your GPS device for other activities such as running or cycling (although you can delete sessions from Ludum easily enough).

6. If you don’t have a GPS device, you’ll have to use the Ludum App to record your distances. This is very easy – from the home screen tap the ‘+’ or the icon, select Canoe/Kayak and then tap Start to begin recording. Remember to stop recording at the end of your session! The App will then add your session to your Challenge total.

7. If you are in the doubles Challenge, only one GPS device should be integrated to Ludum (or one phone used with the App) otherwise you will double count your mileage. If this happens, you can of course delete one of the sessions from Ludum.

8. If you choose not to use the automatic integration of your GPS recordings, then you can use the website or App to add individual sessions to your Challenge. You can only add sessions from the previous 30 days with this method.

9. If you need to delete a session from your Challenge, you can do this from the website or App. In addition, MyDW administrators will periodically review all of the uploads and pick out any discrepancies that look like an error. An email will be sent to the paddler(s) advising them to check the upload and delete it if necessary.

10. If you have any difficulties with registering or uploading your data, there is a help section on Ludum, or you can email [email protected]

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