We have launched a new version of the Website the new layout is more engaging, the navigation is much improved. Many smaller improvements of increased loading speed as well as bug fixes.

What has changed…?


  1. The top bar is teal to add contrast between our site and he tabs at the top.

  2. The left hand toolbar is charcoal and will be minimised by default, to provide more space for the data.


We have moved all components relating to setting up and managing your club into the left hand toolbar, it should be so much more obvious what features are available as well as its all one click away.

Club Members -

See all the details of your members and manage their status in the club

Equipment List -

Store all your club equipment inventory here. Also means you can assign boats and blades to crews so athletes know what they using

Club Details -

Keep the your club information up to date.

Rowing GMT -

Personalise all the Gold Medal Times for you crews

Club Defaults -

Here you can setup your club so that is work the way you want it to.

Default HR -

Setup the default HR zones you wish for your club. You can update each athletes zones one by one at a late date.

Billing -

Manage your license and payments

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