New Calendar Filter - you can filter the calendar to view only sessions you created yourself

When planning training planned RPE (Rate of Perceived Effort) can be added.

Auto imported Session by athletes will now be automatically merged into the relevant planned session

Feature Updates

- Added "Created by" and squads options in calendar

- Quick assign - members and squads splited into two dropdowns

- Added planned RPE on create session and session overview and reports

- RPE switched from stars to slider

- Session imports tab and Session Import data - for seat racing session add label with Piece name for each crew

- Team training summary - added grouped summary for percentages in HR zones

- Added export to PNG, XLS and fullscreen option for all graphs

- Added crosshair to all Line graphs

- Added "Change club" modal when clicking other club's session link for users with more than one club

Bug fixes:

- Create S&C session - removed 0 from sets and reps dropdown

- Crews - cut off long crew names which go outside crew box

- Team training summary - fixed grouped summary for planned time and week number sorting

- Fixed dates when creating session from favourite

- Show intensities bar when athlete Heart Rate is not in any zone

- Add scores - fixed issue when after typing value decimal was always .1

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