When you are setting up your club up you can invite multiple athletes and coaches at the same time. This will help you get your club started quickly.

Inviting Athletes and Coaches

Select Club Members in the Club Admin area in the left hand side menu

Here you will see a list of athletes and coaches who are members in your club

Multi Import

On the club members page press the add button, this will open a new page that will allow you add athletes and coaches.

On this page press the upload from file link. This will open up a popup, where you can download a sample file that can add all your coaches and athletes.

Upload sample file

The following details can be imported:

  • First Name e.g. Steve

  • Last Name e.g. Jobs

  • Email Address e.g. [email protected]

  • Role e.g. Club manager, Coach, Head Coach, Athlete

Once the file is uploaded the users you can choose to add them to the club or invite them to the club. We recommend inviting members when you have fully set up your club.

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