In Ludum you are able to collect water data from pieces you do on the water. These can be from time-trials / Head Races or side by side / regatta times. To do this you need to create the session in Ludum and then the crews.

Creating the crews is important as it allows us to relate the data to the athlete in order to provide more detailed reports.

Creating the Session

In this example we have created 2 x 2000m which is typical of a day at a regatta. 

This is how the structure would look like when creating the session. We have set the distance to 2000m, 2 repetitions and 500m split length as we want to record the data every 500m.

Creating the Crews

In this example we had 2 crews racing in the regatta and we want to record the results for the crew.

Before entering the data we will create 2 crews. A Coxless Four (4-) and an Eight (8+). 

Once you've created the session there is a tab on the session called crews, select this tab and you'll see a page where you can add crews. 

  1. Select an 8+ and a 4- in the list of boats.

  2. You can choose the boat class e.g. Men's Senior Heavyweight

  3. Now you can type in the athletes names in the seat you want them to sit in.

  4. Once the you are happy with your crews you can press the button Notify where the athletes will be sent a notification of their crews or you can press add scores.

Adding Results

As you have created the crews you are now able to add the results from the race / session. 

  1. Press Add Scores, a slider will appear which will allow you to enter the results

  2. You can enter the data by piece or by boat. 

  3. Enter the times for each split. 

  4. Once a finish time is entered we will calculate the final time based on the difference between the start time and finish time. This makes creating results for races and time trials really quick.

Empty Add Scores

Completed Add Scores

Viewing Results

The results have been entered and you can view them by pressing either save and view or the results tab on the session. 

In this example we can see the results table and graph for both our crews and their times. We also have their pacing for each 2000m when selecting line graph.

We hope this guide has helped you with recording results from races or time trials.

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