Within Ludum every club has squads which they can create in order to communicate directly between athletes and coaches. There are two types of squads.

  1. Club Squad - named after the club

  2. Individual Squads - created and named by the user.

Club Squad

Every member who is still active in your club is automatically added to the club squad. This is a great way to send messages / videos / documents to your whole club. 

Individual Squads

Individual squads are similar to the club squad except they are made by you. When making the squad you can choose the name of the squad and select which athletes will be in the squad. 

Only the athletes and coaches that you have selected will be able to see the squad and communicate through it.

Like the club squad you can send messages / videos / documents and they will be shared with the members of the squad.

The creator of the squad can edit the members of the squad at any moment in time. 

Other Details

  • When an athlete or coach leaves the club they are automatically removed from all the squads

  • The Club Manager can choose which users have the ability to create squads in the club.

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