As a coach, when you first arrive at your new club page it is barren. It doesn’t look like much until you complete the initial steps for setting up the club. We recommend the following steps in this order:

  1. Add members

  2. Create Squads and assign members to squads

  3. Create sessions

  4. Invite the members

1. Add Members

This step simply adds the names and contact information of your prospective members, they will not get an email invite at this stage, you will have to do that later once you are ready to go live. From the home screen select the + button to add members to the club. This process will populate the club with all those you wish to be in the club.

There are two ways of adding members, either one at a time or by adding mulitple  members import from a spreadsheet.

  1. One by one - Simply type their name into the relevant boxes and press save. If you wish to invite them as soon as you add them simply press the envelope on the right before you press save.

  2. Multiple members at once - All you need to do is press the ‘upload from file’ link and download the sample file. Once that has been filled in all you need to do is import it and all the athletes will be added at once (again they are only added, not invited)

2. Create Squads and assign members

From the home screen select the + button above the squads widget. This will take you to the Squads page on the website. To help with navigation My Squads is highlighted in the left hand panel. 

To create a squad simply press the ‘create squad’ button.

Once you are in the Squad creation page simply follow the three steps:

  1. Name the squad

  2. Select the squad members

  3. Save the squad

Squads are powerful as they create a communications structure for your team. It also make it very simple to create your training programmes for each squad.

3. Create Sessions

Before you invite the club members to Ludum it is vital that you create at least the first week of your training plan. Without this when the athletes sign up to Ludum there is this in the system for them.
Initially when you create training sessions you will have to put in all the detail, but once you save that session it will appear in your list of recent sessions. If you then decide to use that session again there is no need to build it from scratch all you need to do it use the previous session. All the session details are the same except:
    a) Time and date
    b) The participants (you will have to add them each time)

If there are some sessions that you are planning on using repeatedly then make that session a favourite simply by opening the session and selecting the Favourite Star button.

4. Invite Members

Now that the Squads have been created and you have created some training sessions, then all that is left to do is GO LIVE. If you are confident that the club is setup to your satisfaction, then all you need to do is invite your members.
This is done by going to the members area and pressing the envelope button next to each person you wish to invite.

Once you have pressed that envelope button, each person will be sent an email telling them that you have invited them to Ludum. When the press the accept button they will be asked to create a new password and will be taken into Ludum and will be able to see what you have setup.

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