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Athletes can use the app as part of a team or simply to collect their own training data.

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As an athlete you have two ways of using ludum, as part of a team or to record your own training data.

Usually you will be invited by a coach, but you are also able to ask to join a club simply by selecting the Join Club button either on your mobile app or on the website. The in the name of the club (this will be the name on our system, not necessary the same your club name).
When invited by a coach simply accept the invitation in the email you receive, and follow the instructions. Once that is done we recommend you download the app and login there to use the platform.

When you create your account as an individual user then all you need to do after you verify your account via the email link, is download the app using the links above. Then login with the same username and password. Once you login the first thing to do is connect your third party app.
This is the simplest way of collecting your training data. Once you connect the accounts through the integrations settings then all the data from your devices will flow automatically into Ludum. We will notify you when the data has arrived.

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