By default we have 4 user types

Club Manager - Has full permissions. Does not appear in any lists when creating squads or sessions, but can see all sessions. The purpose of this user is to act as an oversight and custodian of the club account. They can manage which Coaches have access, especially when a coach leaves the organisation.

Head Coach - Has all permissions by default, except. Manage permissions, Manage licenses, Manage Roles, View Minors, Edit Club and Edit Club permissions

Coach - Can view all their training sessions, see all reports and invite members.

Athlete - Only has create session permissions by default. It is possible to be an athletes and have all permission.

List of Permissions and their functions:

Manage Club Permissions

The ability to manage all the permissions below.

Manage Licences

To deal with payments and to change the License the club is currently on.

Manage Members

To add, invite or remove members from the club. Also has the ability to accept or reject those that have asked to join the club.

Manage Roles

To change the role for any user currently invited to the club.

View Minor

If there are members of you coaching team who should not be dealing with Junior athletes. By leaving this unselected they will be unable to see anything to do with athletes under the age of 18

Create Squads

Gives any club member the ability to create new squads within your club.

Edit Squads

Has the ability to edit any squad they are already part of. Including adding members to the squads.

Delete Squads

Has the ability to delete members from squads they are a part of.

Create Sessions

Has the ability to add session and can invite anybody from the club to join them in that session (coach or athlete). This is the only setting athletes have by default.

View All Sessions

This gives the member to see all sessions in the club, even if they have not been assigned to them. Normally members can only see sessions that they have been added to.

Invite Members

Can invite more users to join the club

Edit Club

Can manage the club details, such as name, logo, contact info as well as some of the default settings

Edit GMTs

Each boat type has a Gold Medal Time (GMT) associated with it. This is used when calculating reparative speeds. The user given this permission will be able to amend these at any time.

View All Members On Ergo Progress Report

Users are able to view the progress that athletes are making on the indoor rowing machine. Data from these pieces can be a mixture of manually entered data and data automatically recorded via Ludum's connection to PM5 monitors.

View All Members On Water Progress Report

Users are able to view the progress that athletes are making in the rowing boats in timed pieces. The data for these pieces is manually entered.

View All Members On GMT Report

Track the teams progress on all times pieces in Rowing boats. This comes from the same data as the Water Progress Report.

View All Members On Morning Monitoring Report

Gives the ability to see all the monitoring information that the athletes have entered manually either via the phone or the website.

View All Members On RPE Report

Can track the perceived level of data across the whole team.

View All Members On Attendance Report

This gives an oversight as to the attendance status of both recent and future sessions. Helps with planning of crews and equipment.

View All Members On Training Summary Report

More general metrics which gives the insight into the behaviours that athletes have within that system.

View Athlete Profile

Here you can manage which of the club members may view the Athlete profile pages of all the athletes. Athletes do not have this right by default.

Manage Inventory

Gives the users the ability to to update and manage the club inventory list. This means that equipment can be assigned to crews when you build crews in rowing sessions.

Manage Challenge Teams

Has the ability to create, edit and delete teams for Challenges that already exist

Manage Challenges

User has the ability to create private or public Challenges.

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