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Collecting Training Data
Collecting Training Data

Use the Ludum app to collect all your training data.

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The Ludum app makes it easy to collect all of your training data in one place.

Simply select 'Record Training' and off you go. We will collect Heart Rate data and Speed and Distance for you; plus if you connect to a Concept2 PM5 monitor you can connect your Indoor Rowing data with detail not available in other multi sports platforms.

(N.B. Make sure PM5 firmware is up to date!)

There are two ways to collect the data:

  1. Within a planned Session
    All you need to do is open the planned session in your programme and simply select ‘Record Training’. All the data will be saved directly into the planned session.

  2. Extra Session
    Simply select ‘Record Training” from the main menu and start training. This session can be merged with other session afterwards (see Merge Sessions)

How does Collecting data work?

The process for collecting is the same for all sessions except for Indoor Rowing. Just select 'Record Session' > Then pick your sport type for the session and connect your Heart Rate Device.

For Indoor Rowing the only difference is that you need to connect both the app and your Heart Rate monitor to the PM5 monitor and you're good to go!

Record Ergo Session

  1. Open Session

  2. Press + button

  3. Press ‘Record Session’ (red button)

  4. Connect to PM5

  5. Select the Serial number displayed on your PM5 Monitor

  6. Connect you Heart Rate monitor to the PM5

  7. Set the screen on the PM5 Monitor

  8. Row!

Record Rowing Session

  1. Open Session

  2. Press + Button

  3. Press ‘Record Session’

  4. Press Bluetooth button

  5. Select Heart Rate monitor

  6. Press Start (make sure GPS signal is strong)

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