What does Ludum LIVE do?

We have made it possible for rather athletes to stream their training live via the Ludum app directly to the session written on the training programme.

By using Ludum LIVE all attendees of a training session can see what other athletes are doing and how they are performing.

You can collect Speed, Distance, Heart Rate for all outdoor sessions, and also collect Concept 2 Ergo data from your PM5 monitors, and watch how your performance changes whilst you are doing it.

How does Ludum LIVE work?

  1. Create a session

  2. Press Record

  3. Switch to the Live Results tab

  4. And you're done!

The user only needs to create a session as per normal. The session behaves like all other training sessions until the athletes start to log in, at which point when the live tab is selected the live data from each athlete will be visible and streamed in real-time.

Whether you are using your Ludum app and a HR monitor to record your training or you also use other devices, you just need to join a training session and press Record within the Ludum app and then go to the Live tab within that session.

Who is this feature for?

Ludum LIVE is beneficial both for coaches and for athletes.

It gives coaches an insight into what each athlete is doing live even if they are training in another venue. Athletes too can create a session and invite their teammates.

Once the session is finished then the data will be saved and allocated to both the training session, the crew and the athletes' history.

How does this feature add value to the athlete/team/coach?

For Coaches Ludum LIVE helps by giving you the ability to:

  • Recreate the atmosphere of communal training online in times of remote training.

  • Make immediate interventions to your athlete‚Äôs training based on their live HR/performance metrics updated in real time without having to wait until after the session to interpret the data.

  • Re-watch a session and find patterns.

  • Locate your athletes on a virtual map.

For Athletes Ludum LIVE helps by giving you the ability to:

  • Get Competitive! - race with your friends and teammates and see data in real time within your prescribed training and outside of it.

  • Rank against team members in real time across different statistical areas.

  • Re-watch a session and find patterns.

Use cases/use scenarios

Ludum LIVE can be used for indoor and outdoor sessions, whether you train together with your team live or you are remote.

It works well for:

- Rowing sessions

- Ergo sessions in an erg room

- Ergo sessions with everyone remote

- Cycling sessions

- Running sessions

- Any other sports where you want to look at performance live

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